November 3, 2015

Tatted Relations

There are questions that arise when tatters have a pattern that calls for a specific thread size, "What if I use another thread size?", "What is the equivalence of thread size X?", "If I use another thread size should I add or remove DS to get the same dimensions of the work?", ¨How many?"

Is there a direct relation between thread sizes and the tatted work?

Well, after many, many, many tries I can definitively say there is nothing definitive. Depends on several variables, the thread brand, the lot of the thread (not only for the dying process), the tension that varies every time the tatter tat, how tight the stitches are,  the weather, if it's dry or wet, etc.

Think that you want to tat baby booties, but the pattern ask for thread size 20 and you use/like/have size 10, or any other. We know that size 10 is thicker than size 20, then the booties would be bigger and thicker than expected. The finished project needs to have a specific size, it's not a doily at all. What can we do?

A) Direct solution: Go shopping for size 20, perfect excuse to buy new and wonderful threads, don't forget to buy the one you're needing. Or forget it and go back shopping...

B) Try and fail solution: Tat samples to compare untill you have what you're looking for.

C) Have a Tatted Thread Sizes Relation Table. My solution. Not perfect, but useful.

Now comes the maths part. Wait!!!, don't close the page yet! I'm not going to talk of mathematical topics in quantum theory at all, although I would love to...

March 31, 2015

That difficult Round 9

This post is for a facebook friend that is having some troubles tatting Renulek's 2015 napkin. Here you have Cathie, I hope it helps to understand how that round flows.

March 25, 2015

Stunning Silk Dress Edging

Georgia has been bringing old patterns from Europe and USA back to life for many, many years, but have been the tatters from East Europe and Russia that have made them very popular, tatting those old works with new threads and colours, selling them via internet.

February 11, 2015

The new Renulek's 2015 doilly

Renulek is posting her new doilly for 2015 and naturally many tatters started to tat it. Actually, we don't know the size of the finish doilly, but she uses to do big ones. There are eleven (11) rounds. 

Update: it seems that Round 10 is the last round.
Update: I was wrong, there is an 11th round.

February 2, 2015

Back to

Let's go back. Back to work on TatHelper, Maths and Onion Rings.

I haven't worked on the things I love in the last months (almost a year). Time doesn't last as it used to when I was younger. How can it be? The Theory of Relativity in action?